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22 Jan

Who We Are

Pixallure's core services


Pixallure Design is a corporate identity and brand development firm active in all areas of visual communications. We’re a collective of creative and brand enthusiast who collaborate with a diverse group of clients in many industries. We’re a niche firm with big ideas on how brands connect with consumers. Our passion focuses on harnessing the power of creativity to drive opportunity for our clients, regardless of their challenges.

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, identity and branding play a critical role in creating differentiation and preference. Not just an idea for idea sake, but ideas built on solid, strategic foundation. Ideas which create preference among your target audience not just for impact, but also, to engage the brand. It’s a smarter and more emotionally relevant approach.

Our methodology ensures success for your branding by focusing on what is of most importance and offers greater value to your audience. Whether we’re developing a new corporate identity, rolling out a new campaign, or simply developing concepts for a new product, our process is collaborative, inspiring, and executed with precision and consistency across all media.

Our vision is to create unique ideas that are relevant to your needs. Our mission is to uncover the uniqueness and to bring those ideas to life. At the center of all that we do is our purpose, which is to create allure within your brand. We are Pixallure. The power to inspire.

Pixallure’s Core Services

  • Brand strategy, brand positioning, and naming for companies or products
  • Corporate identity, logo design, identity standards
  • Advertising (Print, Radio, Outdoor, Television, Online, Digital)
  • Collateral & print design, annual reports, newsletters, sales kits, corporate brochures
  • Web site development, email marketing, web site advertising, interactive campaigns
  • Content strategy & information architecture for web/print
  • Promotional products for incentive, sales, trade show events, promotional or direct response
  • Tradeshow booth design, tradeshow marketing
  • Photography
  • Illustration